About Us

Our Mission:

Our mission is to bring best-in-class rental management service by providing clear, timely, expert guidance to help you maximize your rental investment property, while providing unrivaled satisfaction and a personalized response. We strive to inspire trust and confidence with every interaction through professional, accurate and clear communications you can rely on.

Let’s introduce you to the A & G support team:

Erlin Taylor » Managing Owner
Picture of Erlin Taylor
With more than 20 years in the property management industry, Erlin is a respected and established professional with years of expertise to offer you.
Kendal Zehnder » Business Development Director
Picture of Kendal Zehnder
Kendal oversees new client onboarding – this includes guiding you through all of our services and processes, and getting your rental listing-ready.

A & G Customer Care Team:

Nash Hester » General Manager
Picture of Nash Hester
Nash can be reached at nash@agrentalmanagement.com or 503-241-0676, ext. 103.
Taryn Shilling » Leasing Director
Picture of Taryn Shilling
Taryn can be reached at taryn@agrentalmanagement.com or 503-241-0676, ext. 105.
Saliluz Warren » Assistant/Office Manager
Picture of Saliluz Warren
Sally is our data expert and ensures that all the information on your owner dashboard is accurate and up-to-date.
Kelsey Salisbury » Maintenance Coordinator/Receptionist
Picture of Kelsey Salisbury
If you’re not sure where to direct a question or request, you can always count on Kelsey to quickly connect you with the person who is can best assist you. Her direct contact information is kelsey@agrentalmanagement.com or 503-241-0676, ext. 100.

Illume Property Maintenance

A & G offers a dedicated in-house maintenance team to service you. Contact Kelsey Salisbury to schedule repairs at kelsey@agrentalmanagement.com or 503-241-0676, ext. 100:

Brennan Taylor » Maintenance Operations Manager
Picture of Brennan Taylor
Tyler Rush » Maintenance Lead Technician
Picture of Tyler Rush
Ivan Merino » Maintenance Technician
Picture of Ivan Merino